Lorelle Carr usually paints larger scale pieces that she dedicates to various series of subject matters. In the series of “Leaves, Ripples and Reflections” she captures the splendor of fall at its peak. It is a time to reflect on natures harvest with it’s sunburst of crisp leaves and the tranquil ripples of water. Whereas with “The Raven and Crow Series” she shows their clever and peculiar nature by adding bright colorful backgrounds. Her deep spirituality and love of earths creatures, especially birds, has also led her down a path of doing smaller paintings. These smaller pieces begin with handmade boards with bold colorful backgrounds that take time and many layers of paint. When applying the subject matter on to these boards Carr puts a 24-hour time limit on these project paintings, which has helped to expand her aesthetic. Asking the public to participate in her projects, by sending in photos she opens a creative path that is accomplished and only explained by the final piece. Lorelle has completed four themed projects: including “90 Birds in 90 Days,” and the most popular “45 Dog Days of Summer.” With these project paintings she has learned to let herself play with more bold and vivid colors, as well as to explore new techniques.

Lorelle Carr – Fine Art
Council Bluffs, IA 402-740-8076